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checks by capiescBC
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Checks by Capies were created as a meme and fun project inspired by the famous project called Checks, created by Jack Butcher. 

Each Stage will be burnable till the final Stage is achieved. Within each Stage, the check number will decrease, leaving fewer checks on the actual artwork. For example, level Five will remain with one check.

The utility

The utility is simple. We are having fun, making memes, adjusting the artwork with event-based actions, and rewarding those willing to burn until the final stages. We’re also planning to do special airdrops for all CBC holders, but more to that in the future.

burn stage one / 2 x Stage One → Stage Two

1/1000 minted out

burn stage two / 4 x Stage Two → Stage Three

Burn event live

burn stage three / 8 x Stage Three → Stage Four

Burn event live

burn stage four / 4 x Stage Four → Stage Five

burn stage five / the end. or is it ..

special event sticker